29 March 2010

Contest at make a pound

Here at Make a pound am going to be giving away 1000ec "Entrecard credits" every month all you have to do is subscribe by email to this blog and leave a comment in this post saying you would like to take part. But remember to say who you are for instance if you subscribed with the email 234andy@gmail.com you could just say 34andy or some part that is not giving away your email but lets me know who has entered.

The winner will be posted on this blog every month so be sure to check if you are a winner.

Am going to give some extra bonus credits if you are the first to take part you will get an easy 500ec and if you blog about my contest and add a link to make a pound i will be giving away 500ec to the first 10 people that do it so what you waiting for start winning credits.


cornyman said...

Hi cornyman just subscribed to your blog :) Will blog in a few hours about it, have a great contest!

gpartha said...

good idea
wish u all the best

diggpoints said...

hello, i will try my luck for join your contest. with my email diggpoints@gmail.com

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