04 March 2010

FarmVille hints and tips

So like a lot of people i got sucked in to the game called FarmVille were you build your own farm yeah does not sound that fun but it can become very addictive anyway am going to tell you how i have gotten to level 24 in less than a week.

lets start with the simple things that some people seem to not be aware of when you get new ribbons or find mystery eggs and click share it shows up on your friends news feed on FaceBook as well as your own if you click on "Most Recent" keep an eye out for when your friends post one off those messages you should click on the link at the bottom right of the message like in the photo to get bonus coins or free gifts. It is also used to help your friends with raising barns plus lots of other things too so watch your news feed like a hawk to grab what you can.

Another handy tip is to keep checking what ribbons you still need to collect some are very simple to complete and every ribbon you receive gives you a bonus of cash to spend on your farm plus you will also receive XP points that will help you increase your level in farmville.

Once you are aware of what you are doing in the game and know what to do its best to try expand the size of your farm as soon as its possible before buying lots of accessories that are not necessary but will make your farm look all nice. The reason behind this is the more space you have the more crops you can plant at any one time this will let you collect more coins and increase your xp points faster. So you want to try use every inch on your farm and not let it go to waste but remember to make sure you have enough coins left over after expanding your farm to plant more crops no point in having a huge farm with no coins to plant things.

To expand your farm you will need to add neighbours unless you use farmville cash but this is hard to come by you only get 1Fc farmville cash every time you go up a level and sometimes as a bonus unless you buy it with real money.

The last tip at the moment is once you have added your friends as neighbours its a good idea to click often on (My neighbours) just above the game window once on this page you will notice this or similar messages so when you click it you get bonus xp points and a little extra coins. If you dont see any message try clicking (My neighbours) again or refresh.

If you found this handy leave a message saying so and i will do another post telling you some more tips in a future post so its probably a good idea to subscribe by email so you don't miss more tips just check the top right of this page to find out how.

Oh one other thing let me know how you are getting on with your farm i would love to know.

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