25 July 2009

Mythbusters Tv Show

If you are like me and feed on information you should check out mythbusters on the discovery channel they test out urban legends to bring the viewers the truth.
For example can you break finger print security or can a water heater explode and shoot through the roof of a house like a rocket.

Each week the team cover different myths and put them to the test and they always test them to the extreme so if it can burst in to flames or explode the push it till it gives.

Its always worth checking the show out even if your not in to that stuff its a great cast that has a good laugh and makes for exciting viewing.

If you are interested on watching it check out the discovery channel.
here is a clip of what you can expect from the show.


Daisy said...

Ohh love this show! Esp when they are trying to prove stuff from cartoons.. like gunpowder - if fire burns its trails... now I am reminded of cayote and road runner! lol


VetTech said...

I love this show, but I kind of think that after all the years they are running out of good myths to bust.

Descartes said...

Mythbusters is a great show-though I do tend to think some of the things they test are not exactly myths. Their methods also leave a bit to be desired at times.

But it is a fun show, so I guess as long as something blows up, it's all good.

vange said...

I've watched this via Netflix and they're pretty silly.

Flash2nd said...


what happened to this blog, have you stop updating it? I hate to see good blogs dead :(

btw, I found you via Entrecard

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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