11 April 2009

Youtube bandwidth costs

Is YouTube going down the tube you all know the site its great there is not much you cant find on there when it comes to video but you may not know its losing google money to keep the site running ever since they had purchased it back in November 2006 from Three former PayPal employees.

Its not been a good investment so far considering it had cost them 1.65 billion American dollars and is estimated it costs them $360 million a year just on bandwidth cost. This does not include all other costs in running a site of that size like staff, advertising, computer equipment and none of this is cheep.

Its also crazy when you think of just how big the site is that its also estimated that 15 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site every minute yeah every minute that's a lot of video who knows how much space all this video is taking up but it must be the biggest collection of data in the world.

Here is a interesting fact for you in 2007 YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet back in 2000 Wow It will be interesting to see how the site continues to grow and if they will be able to make it profitable.

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young said...

Hail Google.. for running and maintaining YouTube..
it takes guts..
hey great astonishing and shocking stats about them....


internet marketing services said...

Google is really something. It has control of almost everything. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

....IF, I were on your decision-making, policy board, I'd withdraw ALL pornographic ads. !!
It's an invasion of ppls privacy!!
Also,IF, you start charging $$$ to use youtube....you will cont. to lose business/customers!
Please, cont. to search for a workable solution for all.
Thanks! ;p

edrin web said...

google is the master I suppose.fascinating article..interesting the growth of an site in such a rate