22 February 2009

Storage over the years

Over the years the price of storage has fallen along with the size of the drives but the storage size just keeps on getting bigger.

As you can see by the photo at the left of a IBM 350 from 1956
about 4.4 megabytes of storage It had fifty 24-inch (610 mm) diameter disks with 100 recording surfaces. Each surface had 100 tracks. The disks spun at 1200 RPM. Data transfer rate was 8,800 characters per second.

Today storage devices have changed and made leaps and bounds that we don't even need moving parts and we can make them so small that we can carry hundreds of gigs worth of storage in our pockets.

As you can see with today's storage devices that you can buy in the shops but that is not the end even at the moment it is possible for us to mack cards that can store terabytes on a SD card size storage device.

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Mark Daymond said...

I guess you wouldn't lose the IBM 350 down the back of the sofa or accidentally put it through the washing machine having left it in your pocket!