01 March 2009

Great firefox plugins

I have done a post like this before handy firefox plugins but here are some more great plugins.

Is a cool plugin for FireFox that lets you browse browse through the images or videos on a page in a cool 3d all style or if you just want to search for photos just type in what you are looking for and where you want to look and off you go its worth checking this plugin.

This lets you change the look and color of your FireFox browser once you have this you can make it look nice and sleek impress your mates and make your browser look different from everyone else.

Search status
If you are in to seo well then this is the plugin for you. It gets all the data you need where you need it the sort of things you can do with this are highlight no follow links, see the page rank of the site, the Alexa rank, keyword density analyser and so much more I use this plugin all the time.

Tweak network
With this plugin you get to change the hidden settings in FireFox that lets you adjust the number of simultaneous downloads from a site allowing you to get the most out of your connection its worth checking this out mess around with it and see what works best for you and your connection.

Entrecard Toolbar
If you use Entrecard well then this is a must have it makes doing drops so much easier and can be handy for picking what sites you want to advertise on or if you just like to browse to see what you can find interesting.


Rick Vaughn said...

Thanks for the heads up I really need to check out the Search plugin.

Anonymous said...

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Sushi Freak said...

I recently installed Cooliris on my site. It's stunning. It looks and acts like something from a futuristic movie, but it is available now.

I've got a gallery of girls eating sushi, for anyone who wants to test drive it.
Check it here: Sushi Freak Fish & Chicks

The Cooliris view is launched by clicking PicLens Viewer halfway down. (That's the former name.)

The cool thing is, once installed you can use that viewer on any site with multiple pics. A little arrow comes up in the corner and you can view their image files using your own awesome viewer.