22 January 2009

Superworm Infecting 9m Computers

The Superworm Conficker has afected about 9 milian computers F-Secure representatives have said but so far the worm has not been doing a lot in the way of stealing data or trying to cause much damage after a domain that it was pointing to has been closed down.

The site it was pointing to was selling rogue anti-virus software that was disguised as legitimate security software. The worn has a pseudo-random generator embedded into the infected machines to report to a different domain name each day. White hats have been able to sporadically track the worms's moves by registering domain names ahead of the botmasters that might try cash in on it.

The worm trys to connect to new sites every day so at some point it might fall in to the wrong hands allowing hackers to use it for what ever they see fit.

Microsoft have released a fix that you can download with windows updates but infected machines may be unable to use windows updates so if this is the case scan your computer with anti virus.

If you dont have antivirus you can check your computer with some online scans or buy some antivirus software in this day in age you need antivirus software and to keep your computer up to date.

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Or check out the windows update site.


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