05 October 2008

Viral Blog Ads

The new Ad company ViralBlogAds is a PPC banner network for Publishers and Advertisers that is really easy to setup and get running in no time.

For Publishers
The code is really light so it's not going to slow your blog down much at the moment they only support 2 ad types that are 125x125 and 468x60 that I would say is ok because they fit well on blogs. They pay by paypal so no need to worry if your money is getting lost in the post or having to cash any checks. You have to reach $25 USD before payment it would be nice if it was lower but its not as bad as some ad networks and all earnings have to sit for 14days to check for click fraud. There is also an ad exchange program for active Publishers when there is no ads available you ad could be used.

For Advertiser
Its also nice and easy to setup and you have full control over the types of sites you wish to advertise on. The Prices are market driven, utilising an easy to use bidding system and also offer an ad check feature to gauge the coverage of a campaign across the network. You can even setup a blacklist and ad domains of publishers that you don't want your ad on. You get stats from all the domains that your ad is show on so you can tweak things.

referral commission
For every Publisher you referred you can make 15% of the money they make for life so this could be good if you can get some other people to signup.

At the moment I have just started using this ad network and have not had any clicks but once I have I will update you all on how much per click and so on if you want to check them out for your self just click here

To keep up to date you should subscribe so you don't miss out.


David Wornica said...

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Hope all is well, Cheers!

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