31 October 2008

How much do you spend on power?

Over the past couple of years I have been more and more interested in being green maybe thats because the price of things like fuel and electricity always seem to be getting more expensive and also all the reports about global warming in the news these days.

So much so that I have been looking at wind turbines and solar cells and all sorts of ways of making your own electricity. In this day in age there is so much that can be done with out having to use up fossil fuels why not use soler, geothermal ,hydro ,wind ,wave the only problem when it comes to doing this at home is the extremely high over priced solar cells and wind turbines.

For instance a wind turbine can set you back thousands of pounds and for what? a dynamo and a propeller even more a small wind turbine for a boat that looks like a cheep kids toy can cost you a couple of hundred pound.

So why not build your own that is what I am looking in to and am feeling confident that I can make some thing that will produce some power even if it is just some low power lighting so I am going to try build a Darrieus wind turbine it has good efficiency and depending on how you build it simple to build at the moment I have only built a small model made from card but was surprised how well a card of balance Darrieus wind turbine was working.

so when I get time I will try making a bigger one that should produce power that will look like a 3 or 5 wing version of the picture at the side.

If you were looking for more information your self have a look at Darrieus wind turbine on wikipedia.

Also let me know if you have built anything like this your self or looking to build just leave a comment.

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Maricrism said...

hmm. Now I know I spend too much in electricity. Your post is so good!