24 October 2008

Freebies 4 webmasters scam

Once upon a time there was this magical website called freebies4webmasters that gave you ten pound to sign-up and would then pay you five pound a month per domain that you showed there ads on and also would give you an extra ten pound for every person that you refer to sign-up. This was great a steady stream of money every month that you did not have to worry about number of clicks or how much traffic your site was getting but then suddenly they send a email out saying we are no longer accepting any new publishers and some old publishers will no longer be needed but all that are no longer needed have been paid for the past month.

I was still waiting on payment for that month that was a couple of days late but it was late the month before so I was not that worried, a couple more days passed and was thinking some thing was up so I sent a email off to them.

Hi I have not had any payment this month from freebies4webmasters and
if my domain is not needed I have not been asked to remove any ads.

Any information would be grateful


They replied with this message.

Dear Webmaster,

Please advise which email address you use for your account.

Kind regards.

The Admin team

Even though the email on freebies4webmasters is the same email I was emailing them with I gave it anyway with more than they asked for to make things easy on them like so.

Hi the email address I use on freebies4webmasters is xxxxxx@xxxx.com
but my paypal email is xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
and if you need my site it is http://makeapound.blogspot.com/
and my id is freebies4webmasters.co.uk/?aff=14406

thank you for the reply.

They replied back by saying.

Dear Webmaster,

Your details do not appear to be in our database.

Please submit your application for approval.

Kind regards.

The Admin team

Its funny how just before I got a reply from them my domain on there site magical disappeared Hmm.

My details were on your site yesterday but it looks like you have
removed them from your database and I still have not had any payment
from freebies4webmasters for last month. You said in a past email that
some publishers may no longer be needed but all that are no longer
needed have been paid for that month so what is going on I should have
been paid £20

And also gave my details again because they seem like a forgetful bunch and they replied back with.

Dear Webmaster,

We cannot see your details on our system so are unable to confirm whether you have been removed or not.

We can only suggest you submit your domain for approval.

Kind regards.

The Admin Team

Sent a email back getting more angry as you may notice.

I don't see why I have to resubmit when I was accepted before YOUREMOVED ME and you will come back saying we are not taking on any newpublishers I have had my ad's on my site and also referred people soyou still owe me £20no matter if my domain is in your database you still have to pay mefor last month.

They replyed with.

Dear Webmaster,

We are unable to pay you as we cannot confirm whether your banners were correctly implemented or not.
As previously mentioned we would suggest you submit your application for review.

Kind regards.

The Admin team

So I submitted my site even though I know its a waste of time and guess what the next day they remove my domain again. A total waste of time never heard back,no money nothing even though all that time I have had ads on my site.

I have done some digging and also know that the people that run Freebies4webmasters also run.


So you have been warned if you have had any problems or none at all drop a comment and let me know how you got on thanks.


K. Fields said...

Thank-you for taking the time to share this warning for other bloggers to take note of.

It is much appreciated!


shaxx said...

I am glad that they rejected me when I applied since I did not give them to advertise on my front page and just let them use other not so important pages. They did not like that and rejected my applications.

Thanks to you and now I feel that it was a good thing to happen.

Sorry to hear about yours though... Cheers!

DJYano said...

Thanks for this info, i was actually about to sign up to these sites. But i make a research for this and land to your blog. Thanks for the alert again.



O.Messaoud said...

I have almost the same problem. The only difference is that they never answer my emails and that they didn't remove my domain. They paid me the sign up bonus, the first month's earnings, then nothing after that email saying they are not accepting new publishers.

Baseguardian said...

They owe me GBP340 for referral. Email them and they never reply me.

Free Software of the Day said...

yep, ive used them to, and i got the same email and they dropped me to