11 October 2008

Could this be the next chimp to run America?

I bet this will be the person in power because we all know the rite person for the job never gets it.

So lets look at McCain's skills and how they add up.

Trust worthy: 0/10 AS far as I could throw him
Brains: 1/10 Still looking
Common-sense: 0/10 Rite up there with bush
Age: ?/?? Over the hill
Ability 1/10 Same as a chimp
Able to make facts up 10/10 Pass with flying colors
Able to preform simple task 1/10 Takes tips from bush

And if you don't agree check out this video.

People like him and bush are the reasons why we are in this mess today. See this other video Why 700 billion dollar ripoff is nothing

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Adam - Creadiv.com said...

It isn't the candidates that stink it is the people here that vote them into office. If people would take the time to realize there are more qualified people for the job that aren't Democrat or Republicans maybe we could find a person to fix the country.

Example Ralph Nader. He won't even be on the ballot in most states, but he is probably a better candidate than either Mccain or Obama. And he is just one of many people that won't ever get a fair shot at running.