02 October 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards

For anyone that has never see or heard about the blogger's choice awards its where people like you and me can vote on the blogs you like. There is lots of category's like "best blog design" "best blog about stuff" "best humour blog" and so on I am hoping to get some votes in the Best Blog About Stuff but will need to see how well I do this would be my first year at entering.

If you have a blog you should enter even if its just for fun you never know you might win or if not maybe get some extra people to discover your blog. There is not a lot of time but if you want to take part the Winners will be announced on October 16th

I would love if you could click on the image or this link here to vote for me. and maybe I could do a post after the 16th saying who had voted and a link to your blog.


Adam - Creadiv.com said...

Um yeah, I am going to be signing up for this. I wonder under what category. Maybe best design.

BrainGun64 said...

Best Television Blog

TVparty! Blog


Classic Television Showbiz

TV Revolution

Saturday Morning Blog

And the winner for Best Television
Blog is...

Classic Television Showbiz

Armen Shirvanian said...

I think it is great that there is an awards creation for the up-and-coming category which is blogs. I think awards start showing up whenever there is enough individuals competing in any category.