08 September 2008

Happy Birthday Today

Today marks my birthday Woo Woo, where does the time go... anyway I had a happy surprise when I checked my emails today and found that I am the winner at publicity wheel for the internet group. First time I have won so far and nice that it just happened to be on my birthday. Also a nice surprise was that I had received 1 month premium membership at BlogCatalog its always nice when you get a surprise so thanks to both of those site for that. I wonder if there will be any other nice surprises today for me.

What nice surprise have you had on your birthday that you would like to share let me know.

I would just like to say happy birthday to everyone that is celebrating there birthday today also take care and have fun.


Da Old Man said...

Happy Birthday, and many more.

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you aren't one who now abandons their blog after having one.


Paul U said...

belated happy birthday!

How old are you now?

Make a pound said...

Getting old now 24 lol