30 September 2008

Entrecard pair with OIO publisher not good news for some

Today Entrecard has teamed up with OIO publisher an ad management software company its good news if you are already with OIO publisher not so good news for the small blogger that is just starting out or don't want to jump in at the deap end of the blogging world.

Dont get me wrong I love Entrecard and it has been a big help but why could they not have done this all in house let people buy
  • blog reviews
  • text links (follow or nofollow -you choose)
  • inline ads
  • RSS inserted ads
  • monthly 125×125 ads
with there own entre-credits not pair with some other company to make things all complacated and charge people to use it. For small bloggers that use sites like blogger.com as a blog host will need to find paid hosting as well as paying for OIO publisher software if they want to take part in what is going on as far as I can see its just a way for entrecard to make a little extra money.

Why could entrecard maybe not let you buy OIO publisher software with entre-credits?

I would love to hear what you have to say so drop a comment.


Roy said...

I agree, I already love how Entrecard allows advertising using their own currency that is free, yet valued among bloggers (despite the fact that 99% of entrecard traffic is crap). I think it would of been excellent if they extended it even further.

Kate said...

I'm not keen on the idea of having to buy into the system, surely if it's that good you would be able to join up for nothing. Plus, as you said, small bloggers using free platforms will have to fork out for hosting, so they will be paying twice, once for the plugin and once for the hosting, for something that is supposed to make them money. That seems a bit contrary to me.

shaxx said...

That partnership news makes me want to search the net for an alternative to entrecard...

Adam - Creadiv.com said...

So many of the changes Entrecard has made have really been poor decisions on their part.

I mean they are really alienating a ton of users by prohibiting the sales of greats and limiting the number of credits allowed for transfer. Not to mention they have closed their market place on which many people do all kinds of business.

Paired with this new development of the partnership of OIOpublisher I think they are gong to to experience a real backlash from their community.

Armen Shirvanian said...

Entrecard pairing up with this company could have not been that large of a piece of news, but they may know something about that which they want to do in later days.