19 September 2008

The best poker game ever

Am talking about PKR the best poker game out there not only is it the best but its the most visually stunning. PKR has some of the coolest features I have ever seen in a poker game that just brings the hole thing to life just ask anyone that has played it or even better try it for your self. Its free to download and play for fun or if you want to try make some money you can start playing for real just by depositing some money.

Once you get used to playing you may try going in to the tournaments where you can make some big bucks. Some people do this is a full time job playing poker and with how much you can make I can see why.

Even if you are not a poker fan you should check them out the fact that PKR is also one of the best poker affiliates on the web. so if you have a site and want to make some money click here

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