28 September 2008

Making money with Matched.co.uk

I had come across this site Matched that looked similar to a site that I use at the moment freebies4webmasters that is a great site so I was thinking this could maybe be just as good.

How it works
Add your pages from your site or blog to Matched and get paid £3 for every AD
Only 1 ad per page up to a maximum of 5 pages per site. You must show an Ad for 1 month before you will get your payment.
You can have up to 5 websites registered at matched so if you had 5 sites with 5 Ads on each you could be making £75 pound every month that works out at $138 dollars.

The pluse side
You could make a lot of extra money.
You can be payed by PayPal.
You can use matched along with google adsense.
You can make £5 bonus for every person you singup that has an Ad on there site for a hole month.

The down side
Hard to get matched with an advertiser.

Well from what I have experienced so far its really hard to get matched with an advertiser or at least with the pages I have but you might have what they are looking for.
I will try keep you all up to date about Matched.co.uk and if I can get matched with an advertiser. I would also love to hear from any one that has used Matched and if you have had any better luck but feel free to check them out for your self and see how you do.

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1 comment:

Paul U said...

It is very difficult to get an advertiser on Matched.