28 August 2008

Blogger has no more addresses.

Well am sure there is some addresses that are still available but I was thinking about starting another blog just as an experiment to do things differently from how I have done things with this blog. So I started typing names in to blogger to see what was available and guess what I am still looking......... I could probably get a name really easy if I take my fist to the keyboard and start punching away like some sort of blind cave man with no idea how to use a keyboard, but to find a catchy name its like finding a needle in a haystack.

I even tryed to type silly things, thinking no one would call a blog that well guess what they have. Here are some of the .blogspot.com names that are taken


And the list does goes on and on most of them dont even have a post or if they do its only one line if that. How easy was it for all of you getting the name you wanted or did you have to settle of second best I would love to know.

Well hope you enjoyed my post and if you did hope you can show your support by comment or digg,stumble and so on


Bubbles said...

I have 5 blogs. For each one of them I had to think really hard and come up with other names instead of what I initially thought of. However, I am happy with the end results:)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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