11 August 2008

£10 Free sign up & £5 per month plus 500 entrecard credits

No longer running check link here

WoW what a great site Freebies4webmasters is. They offer you £10 pounds for siging up and £5 every month for having 3 Ads on your site its as simple as that. They pay by PayPal every month as long as you keep the 3 Ads on your site this can be good if you find that your not doing to well on things like Adsense. This way you will have a steady income that could maybe pay for hosting expenses if you have any or just some extra cash.

You can also add your other Blogs or sites if you have any up to 100 different domains in total that you could be making £5 on each one per month not bad at all I hear you say but that's not all if you get your friends to sign up you can make £10 for every one that gets accepted.

I have a great offer for you if you signup from my link I will give you 500 entrecard credits as a thank you. All you have to do is get in touch with me and tell me your referral link once you are accepted on Freebies4webmasters and the address of your site and I will check all is OK and send you the credits.

If that interests you sign up and then contact me at info@makeapound.tk or leave a comment.


marydane said...

Thanks for this info. I will surely try it.

Pinoy Rich Jerk said...

yeah right they are giving £10 as a sign up bonus.it's a good start! we'll just hope this program will last!


Bay Martin said...

Hi Andy, just signed up with Fribbies, but didn't get a positive reply 'coz of the load of applicants. I'll try again after sometime.


Russell Bravo said...

Hi, I just sign up with your link here.. I'll contact you as soon as I receive positive results from the said site you gave... Thanks!

Mommy Ruby said...

hello andy, i applied twice already. i got a negative reply too saying they have too many publishers already and couldn't accommodate as of this time.

anyway, i might try joining this again. thanks!

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jordanmcclements said...

Do they accept blogger accounts?

What do the banners look like?

Do you have them on your blog?

Make a pound said...

You can use blogger, I do have it on my blog and here is what it looks like http://makeapound.blogspot.com/2008/07/how-to-get-traffic.html

its a blue fly.co.uk banner.

bugbaby_ said...

yeah this is rock, but i'm still waiting for my first payout :D

Make a pound said...

All payments are made round about the 1st of every month.