07 July 2008

How to get extra traffic?

What's a blog without traffic? nothing but a message in a bottle that's waiting to be found and am sure most of you out there want people to read your posts and hear what you have to say.
Following on from a post I done before about entrecard traffic boost this post will tell you other ways to get people to your blog and reading it.

To start off its good to start at blog directory's and adding your blog to as many as you can find most of them are free but if you are willing you can add your self to some pay sites that might have more traffic potential. You are not likely to see a big rush of traffic more like a small drip here and there but will help you get seen on Google here are some sites to get you started.

blogcatalog the best I know at the moment for getting traffic. Free
Blogadr fast to setup and free
topblogarea free
blogratedirectory free
mybloglog free need a yahoo id

A great way is to interact by going to forums and groups get involved in discussions, let them get to know you and drop a link some times to a blog post they might be interested in and you might just get some great interactive readers that will join in and leave a comment.

A nice easy way is to leave comments on other peoples blogs if its along the same lines as your own blog it might help bring more readers over. Its also another great way to help with your page rank and get your self indexed on Google.

If there is anything I have missed out or anything you want to add please leave a comment thanks.


K. Fields said...

Great post! You had a couple places on here that I haven't tried yet! Thank-you for sharing!

pamela said...

Good advice!! mybloglog is another free site that will get you going.
I haven't tried entre' cards yet but I think I will work on it!!! Thanks :)

Make a pound said...

thanks for that "pamela" am on mybloglog but had forgot to add that one oops.....

tahtimbo said...

Thank you for the information. I have done most of what you wrote about, but I ended up coming across it on my own. I wish I could have had this information 3 months ago when I first started. Thanks again for the info:)

Anabella said...

Great ideas. I just started blogging awhile; so appreciate the help. One thing I wanted to suggested was to utilize Google Webmaster Tools, where you can submit your blog's URL and also its sitemap. I also came across a blog the other day that is updated weekly containing 101 free directories. I have it listed under my informative blog/website section in my blog.

jjmomscashblog said...

I think one good way to get some extra traffic is, especially when it comes to Entrecard. If everyone that dropped a card would take the time to read one of the bloggers post and leave a comment. Then we would all return the favor and you would see your traffic go up. Of course they probably won't click on any ads, only new visitors would be more likely to do that. Just a thought...Good post!!

Mark Schumann said...

May I recommend my own site - Publicity Wheel. We promote one website at a time through a kind of "wheel of fortune" scenario. Check it out :)

YANZ said...

u could also try www.blogexplosion.com

it's pretty good