10 July 2008

Free way to promote your blog or business

FREE Business Cards Plus 14-Day Free Shipping $50+
Have you ever needed to give the address of your website or email to someone and just have to write it on any scrap peace of paper..... how about if you could get 250 FREE business cards that you could put what ever you wanted on them. That is possible to get them and if you keep an eye on the site lots of other great deals all the time like free Magnets, stamps, calenders, postcards, T-shirts among other things so its well worth checking out to see what you can pick up.
Even if its just a small site/blog you have its always handy to have business cards that you can give to friends family or just any one you see fit, with all your details that they need to get in touch so I would recomend clicking on the big banner that says free 250 business cards.


- Save 30% - 60% Off on all custom printing
- Free Shipping on Orders Over $50
- Free Business Cards
- 75% Off Premium Business Cards
-Clearance Sale - up to 90% Off
- Free Deals of the Week offering 6 free products

Every month we offer 6 free products where customers only pay for shipping.

Vistaprint offers the best pricing on custom printed business & consumer products like announcements, brochures, business cards, folded cards, calendar magnets, folders, greeting cards, invitations, labels, letterhead, magnets, photo cards, post cards, return address labels, rubber stamps, stationary, pens, T-Shirts, car door magnets, window signs, rack cards, checks, websites & thank you’s.

I have used this site and think its really handy and if you ever needing anything like that i would check them out first


Donna lee said...

Thanks! That is a very good tip. I love to use my printer and design my own cards. But great for those who do not do this!

Anonymous said...

Before jumping into conclusion - visit some more websites and compare offers. One of the best, I believe, is http://www.dcp-print.com online print website. The versatility of products, pre designed templates and prices is vast. You are invited.

Make a pound said...

YECHIAN : sorry but vist-print is cheaper its only $3.99 for 250 business cards when the offer is not on to get them for free.

On your site its US$ 15.99 for 250 and all the things that are on your site are on vista print and cheaper on vista print.

Anabella said...

I think Vistaprint is a good deal. I know a few WAHMs who use the business card to promote their blogs for the GPT (get paid to) sites and PTC (paid to click) sites. Many have built up a nice referral list using business cards.

Anonymous said...

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