24 July 2008

Free domain names

I would like to share with my readers some sites that I have come across were you can get free domain names. Some time ago I done a post Free .com domain name for all but you had to do offers and sign up to different site's to get points and depending on what offers you went for it could take some time to get a domain. So I will tell you some sites that you can get domain names for free and with out taking part in offers.

The first site is dot.tk where you can get yourname.tk Plus a nice option you can setup 250 disposable virtual email addresses that you can point to your email address that you have at the moment so you can then have somthing@sothing.tk I think that is a great little extra you get so you can give out a email address with out giving out your real email. The dot.tk domains in the past had ads but they have got rid of them now so I cant find anything bad to say about the dot.tk domains oh well a small snag if you don't get more than 25 visitors to your domain in 90 days you will lose it unless you buy the domain but am sure you can get at least 25 visitors to your site. So if you want to try it out put in the address of your Blog and pick a nice short version for your Blog or site.
I would love if you could tell me what cool and funky .tk names you had come up with for your site by comment or by email at andy@makeapound.tk http://makeapound.tk

The next site is co.cc it also offers you a free domain like yourname.co.cc with no ADS and some advanced features like chaning the DNS settings and zone settings. They do the same thing but have different options but I would recomend that you try them out and see what you like the best and don't forget to get in touch and tell me what you think and what domains you have made and hope you have a nice day.

CO.CC:Free Domain


pamela said...

Thank You for this info!!This is just what I need for a couple ideas that I am kicking around :)

Jenn said...

This is really great! I am planning to get my own domain for another blog, and this is just really helpful! Thanks!

bleuken said...

wow thank you for this i will get dot tk for blogspot blog, great help!