03 April 2008

Share a pic and make some money

Well today's post is about shareapic a site that lets you store your photos online but also makes you money when people view your photos.

You get about 22cents for every 1000 downloads the good thing is that you can get your friends to sign up and you can make 10% of there earnings for life.

They pay by Paypal and you have to make at least $20 dollars before you can request payment but if you post on a lot on forums and pass the links out a lot you should have no trouble making money.

They also give the option to let you put your BidVertiser. code in to show your own ads and make a little extra. The good thing with shareapic to is they have a Mass Uploader so you can make it easy to make more money so I would check it out for your self.


Shaxx said...

This one is good. Now they have upgraded their server for us to add more pics. Cheers!

Sherry said...

good info, I didn't know at all. :)

happy said...

thanks for dropping by my site, http://idleinmakati.blogspot.com. i hope you could visit it again.