22 April 2008

Entercard traffic boost

One of the best ways I have found so far to get traffic to your blog without twisting peoples arms or paying them is Entrecard. Its just as if you where paying them because I find it that good at bringing traffic, well in a way you are paying them but not in money and not from your own pocket. They get paid by credits that they can exchange for Ads on other peoples blogs or lots of other things in the shop section of Entrecard's site.

The way you can get credits is by visiting other peoples blogs that have the widget and clicking on the Drop link at the bottom of the widget that will give you 1 token and 1 token to the person that owns the blog that you clicked on. You can drop up to 300 tokens a day and 600 per IP address.

There is even places on the internet that you can buy Entrecard credits the price varies but you are looking about $5 for 1000 credits. If you are looking at buying ads on other peoples blogs and wondering how much it is here is an example

Ads waiting on spot Formula Final price
0 2 2ec
1 2 2ec
4 2*2*2*2 16ec
8 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2 256ec
10 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2 1024ec

A ad lasts for 24hrs and you can only have one ad at any one time so if you are not already on Entrecard I would sigh up now just click here and would love if you could drop one on me and let me know how you get on thanks.



I love entrecard but I can't seem to be very quick at it-still it is phenomenal traffic.

John Painz said...

nice, I'll have to give this a shot, thanks for posting!

Matt said...

I'm using Entrecard and its working well for me, I've managed to get several regular readers from it, but where do you sell Entrecard credits? $5 for a 1000 seems like a nice bit of pocket money.

Oh BTW, could you open your comments to all since I'm not wanting to promote my old Blogger site anymore, and you might get more comments as well.

Andysplace said...

Most people just sell entre credits on there own blog with paypal but if you hold on to your credits the entrecard site will be letting you sell credits back to them but its still not up and running yet and not sure when it will be up and running hope that helps.

Bob said...

Entre card is ok, but not the best... it gives you a bad 'bounce rate'.

its ok if your not looking for private sponsors... but MOST private sponsors will look at everything including 'Bounce rate' before they buy sponosrship!

DJ'S GemStones said...

I am new to Entrecard and am enjoying the experience, I enjoy blog hopping there are wonderful blogs in blogger land

PagedLife said...

Entrecard is a great source of traffic, its also a great place to find new blogs, I found yours on Entrecard ;)

diswilbdlastaccnt said...

i am new at Entrecard and currently learning how to use it.. thanks..