23 March 2008

Flixya social network that makes you money

well who doesn't like them you get to chat with your friends and also talk to people that you might not have ever talked to before.
So id like to tell you about Flixya an social network but I hear you say bla bla bla whats new about that there is my networks than you can shake a stick at well the difference with Flixya is that they share 100% ad revenue with you.

Just create an Adsense account if you don't have one already Link at the right hand side of this page.once you have Adsense copy your id code in and your off making money. So far all the people I have come across on Flixya have been very friendly.

The site also lets you post blogs,photos,videos, all the videos you have on Youtube and other sites you can play them on Flixya you just need to add the links if you wish.
well am going to shut my trap and let you try it out and if you could add me as a friend that be nice thanks and have fun.


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