24 March 2008

VITshow to make money

VITshow I know it sounds like some porn site but its not that might be a bit disappointing to some people but before your eyes glaze over VITshow is a site that you can make money just by sharing your photos and videos and just posting topics.

Hows that work I hear you say well you get paid every time some one views something like your photos the amount that you make depends on the county the person viewing the photo is from. Here is a run up how much you make its not a lot but why host your photos some where that makes you know money when you can make something.

Group-1 countries: $0.2 per 1000 views
Group-2 countries: $0.1 per 1000 views
Group-3 countries: $0.05 per 1000 views

Also a good thing is that you get 10% commission from all your referred users' earnings as well!
so if you can get all your friends to sign up you can make it a bit more worth while. The money making does not stop there though if you have adsense you get to display your Ads on your profile if you don't have adsense there is a link at the right hand side of this page.

All other payments are made by Paypal or Google CheckOut but they say that they may think about other payment methods for some cases. Please contact us if you have special needs.
so why don't you check it out by clicking. >> VITShow

One other thing keep an eye on your Adsense code because some times they forget to enabled your AD code.


guy852 said...

vitshow is CHEAT! in time we near to get paid.it reset my money and video .if you not take you eye to pub-id adsense .it not show!!! and it change adsense pub-id of Vitshow Admin... why not try this http://ro-p.com it random you adsense and own website

Bashu said...

Yes I agree with guy852. vitshow is CHEAT they did not show my adsense ads.

it is better to try http://www.Iteya.com