04 March 2008

Stock photography if I could get started.

Iv been interested in photography for some time and had come across Microstock photography websites and found out that you can make money from uploading your photos to Microstock sites and earn money when people download them.

So I thought I should give it a try and began signing up to some sites to see if i could make a little extra penny's. I started with iStock because it looked like the best paying fallowed by stockxpert and shutterstock so to get to the point my application from all 3 sites got knocked back "boo hoo" but am going to try again when possible. I feel that next time I will know better as to what to send to them if you would like to try for your self let me know how you get on and here are some tips.

Stock photography Tips

  • Check the site well to see what is popular .eg downloaded a lot.

  • Try keep the photos simple less seems more for stock.

  • Try be original and not send photos of your keyboard and pet dog and so on.

Links to stock sites


Jenny DeMilo said...

Great tips, ive been thinking about submitting some pics to stock services, thanks :)
Looks like stockxpert is now a dead link.... Boo!

Make a pound said...

thanks jenny link fixed :D

jordanmcclements said...

I have had no luck with Stock sites.

I find that giving photos away free from my own web site works much better for me...

But if you have more talent than me - maybe this would not be the case?