28 March 2008

Bux to make you some money

Whats that? That's the sound of money its a cool site that you can make money just from clicking and viewing a page for 30 seconds and thats how easy it is.

The way that you can really make a lot of money is by referring friends so when your friends view a page for 30 seconds you also get paid just as much as they do plus what ever you have made. You must be asking how much do you get? Well you get 1 cent per page here is an example of earnings.

Earnings Example

You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
Your daily earnings = $2.10
Your weekly earnings = $14.70
Your monthly earnings = $63.00

The way that you get paid it by AlertPay it is just like paypal but with lower charges so I would sign up to AlertPay then to Bux.to just so you can put your details in when it asks and if you check back I will let you know how its been going for me so far and if you could please use andysplace as the referrer thanks

Click here for AlertPay.
Click here for Bux.to.

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